Social Care Campaign

Published: 22/05/2019

Last week was the chancellor's budget, we was hoping for an announcement that would mean an increased expenditure in Social Care. For too long we feel our valued customers have not had enough advice or support when it comes to the funding of their home care services, we want this to change!

A politically-charged Budget has passed with no mention of social care, despite a growing sense in recent years that the system of support for older people and younger disabled adults is on the point of crisis.
Social care can include anything from being cared for in a care home to having someone come into your home to help with washing, dressing and medication. It's paid for by local councils rather than the NHS.
For the past two decades, successive governments have known something needs to be done. They've published at least 300,000 words in formal consultations, policy papers and commissions on the subject.
That's nearly two Homer's Odysseys or, if you prefer, three Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stones. It's a lot of words.
The figure would be even higher if we included every non-governmental commission, engagement exercise or piece of new guidance.
But little radical change has been made to a system many agree needs to be completely rethought.
Social care is devolved and we're talking about England here. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have separate systems, all of which are comparatively more generous than England's.
Despite all this talk, and the huge scale of the problem, very little has changed, to the funding system at least.
Incremental changes have been made, but in terms of any fundamental alteration to how we pay for care, any policies that have been put forward seem to have fallen flat.