Self Care Week Reflection

Published: 22/05/2019

This week Bluebird Care Mid Essex has been partaking in Self Care week. Self Care week is a annual national awareness week that focuses on embedding support for self care across communities, families and generations. Read more to find out about what we have been doing to raise awareness about Self Care week. 

Monday was the start of Self Care week, we begun the week by holding an office meeting to discuss what we can do as a home care and live in care provider to help raise awareness about self care. After brain storming a number of ideas, we set out a plan of daily activities to structure our self care campaign week. 

Firstly we released a news article on our website, we chose to quote our Local Public Health Director. We chose this quote as it shows to prevent long-term conditions such as COPD and Type 2 Diabities you do not necessairly have to make dramatic life style changes, but instead challange yourself to reach achievable goals; such as taking the stairs or ensuring you wind down after a stressfull day! If you would like to read more please click here. 
On Tuesday we put forward ideas of how we can best support our customers with dementia to partake in self care. After an engaging discussion and many great ideas we decided a seprate initative we run "healthy mind, healthy body" fits perfectly with supporting our customers with dementia to engage in self care. We are now speaking with all of our care assistants to ensure they promote a range on mind stimulating puzzles and games, if you would like to read more please click here.
On Wednesday one of our senior care assistants went to the local pharmacy to pick up medication for one of our customers. Here she noticed they where promoting their own services in the light of self care week. Therefore we decided today we would focus our campaign on pharmacy support. Pharmacists are highly trained health professionals, and can provide you with expert advice on how best to treat an ilness without waiting for a GP appointment. If you wish to read more please click here
On Thursday we spoke of how our own in house and external training helps us to promote self care for our customers as well as ourselves. At Bluebird Care we offer a first class ongoing training programme to ensure our care assistants can always assisst our customers to self care. Last week we held a Pressure Sore Prevention training day at our Bluebird Care Redbridge office, many of our office staff and care assistants took part in the training day, this will allow our care staff to spot the early signs of a pressure sore before it develops into a problem. If you wish to read more please click here. 
We are using today to relect on our activities over the past week. At Bluebird Care we truly care about our customers and we are passionate about their well being, therefore through our woderful care team we are going to continue to support self care in all that we do to ensure our customers and care staff live healthy and happy lives!