Bluebird Care Merton launch campaign in light of increased need for care assistants this winter

Published: 13/12/2020

A recent COVID-19 study* by Age UK found that many older people felt that their physical and mental health had deteriorated due to isolation.

A recent COVID-19 study* by Age UK found that many older people felt that their physical and mental health had deteriorated due to isolation and reduced opportunities to socialise and be physically active.  

According to the study, many older people have experienced loneliness, low mood, decreased health, increased pain and lack of support. This in turn has affected their appetite and diet, causing malnutrition and self-neglect. The study also showed that since the start of lockdown, 1 in 5 people have found that their memory and cognitive thinking has decreased.

Leading home care provider Bluebird Care Merton has launched a campaign to address these problems by increasing the number of care assistants this winter.

Jay Patel, Director of Bluebird Care Merton, commented:

Older people are going to need more support than ever before to get through this winter. We feel that it is our duty to support the older and vulnerable in our community.

The pandemic means that there is an increased number of people that live with loneliness and isolation. As a care provider it is often our care assistants who offer companionship and a friendly face for our customers who otherwise would spend a lot of time on their own.

By increasing the number of care assistants we have, we can look at what further support we can offer our customers and help reduce the number of those who are experiencing loneliness and a decline in health.”

Bluebird Care Merton is hoping this new campaign will help raise awareness in the community of their increased need for care assistants through a variety of recruitment efforts.

Fiona, a family member of a customer at Bluebird Care Merton said:

“The last six months have been a really difficult time, we needed the extra support. I don’t know what we would do without our lovely care assistant. She really looks after mum, giving her the attention that she needs. We call the team at Bluebird Care our Blue Angels! Thank you all!” 

Bluebird Care Merton is following the COVID-19 government guidance in the UK to ensure that they protect their customers and staff including a COVID-19 office risk assessment in place in accordance with government and HSE guidance and personal protective equipment.

A recent nationwide carers survey, which produced almost 1,000 responses across 50 Bluebird Care offices in the UK, found that staff praised their employers for their handling of the pandemic. The survey led to some wonderful written feedback from team members on their confidence in Bluebird Care as an employer. With many stating that Bluebird Care was the ‘best’ employer.

If you’d like to know more about the recruitment campaign, please contact Bluebird Care Merton by calling 020 8687 5745, emailing, or by visiting their website at