Bluebird Care Merton supports Lupus Awareness Month 2019

Published: 15/10/2019

Award winning homecare provider, Bluebird Care Merton is supporting Lupus Awareness month, an annual campaign run by Lupus UK in October 2019.

Lupus (Systemic lupus erythematosus), is an autoimmune disease, in which the body’s natural defences - the immune system - attacks healthy cells. The disease can affect any part of the body and causes inflammation to the joints, skin and other organs. According to the Lupus UK, Lupus is suffered mainly by females and mainly those of Afro-Caribbean, Asian and Hispanic descent. In the UK, there are around 50,000 sufferers of Lupus.

The NHS urges anyone to seek a GP if you often get the following symptoms:

The main symptoms of Lupus:

  • Joint pain
  • Severe tiredness 
  • Skin rashes

And can also include:

  • Loss of weight
  • Hair loss
  • Swollen glands
  • Migraines
  • Light sensitivity
  • Poor circulation in fingers and toes

Lupus is difficult to diagnose and is often mis-diagnosed for other illnesses. The exact causes of Lupus are unknown, although research suggests that trigger factors include genetic origins, hormonal changes such as puberty, childbirth and menopause, certain drugs/medications, exposure to strong sun, stress and viral infections. Although Lupus is incurable, symptoms can improve with medication if there is early diagnosis and treatment.

Jay Patel, Director of Bluebird Care Merton, commented:

“At Bluebird Care, we strongly believe in helping others and improving our own knowledge of medical conditions, such as lupus. It is important to educate the public about lupus and by doing so, we can help control its effect on people’s lives.”

To find out more about Lupus Awareness Month 2019, visit:

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