Old Age

A poem written by Donna Bland, one of our valued Carers.


A poem written by Donna Bland, one of our valued Carers.

We would like to share with you this poem called Old Age.  It was composed by one of our valued and trusted Care Workers, Donna Bland.  Donna is also our Care Ambassador and our Carer of the Year 2019.

Old Age

Looking back to who l used to be,

I look at you, wonder what you see,

I may not have won an Olympic race, landed on the moon or walked in space.

Is an old person all you see, when you stop and stare through me?

A wrinkly face, a wobbly walk, I wish sometimes you'll stop and talk.

You’ll never know what a waste, I could have told you I walked in space.

About things gone by, that make me cry to think someday soon I might die, without leaving something of me behind.

To show the world how I spent my time.

 If I could leave some words of wisdom it would be, you may be young and have a long way to go, but sadly I never know how much time I have left to show you all the wonderful things you learn as you grow.

Happy times that make you cry, not fearing  the time when you might die,

one more thing before I go, its living life that makes you grow,

but....loving life that makes you whole.

By DonnaAnna Bland

Authoress and Bluebird Care (Medway) Carer and Ambassador