Knit and Natter Group, Twydall.

Published: 22/05/2019

We are now friends of the Knit and Natter Group in Twydall.

Charmaine, our Director, was very happy to present the Knit and Natter Group in Twydall with a £50 donation, which they are going to use to support Huntington's Disease. Other charities they support, include Woolies of the World in Wales, Street Angels, Premature Babies at Medway Hospital, Dog Blankets for the PDSA, Lap Blankets for Berengrave Nursing Home and the Wisdom Hospice, any disasters abroad and now they are supporting Bluebird Care (Medway) by providing Twydall Muffs for our dementia customers. Well done Knit and Natter. You are such a lovely group and we are so pleased to have become your friends.

December 2018