Virtual Dementia Tour Bus!

Published: 17/10/2021

Bluebird Care has organised a unique training experience for our home care assistants, live-in carers and administrators.

Dementia Bus Visits Essex!

Over the next few weeks, our regional Bluebird Care staff are finding time during their busy schedules to attend this amazing virtual dementia bus training session. 

The Virtual Dementia Tour is the only scientifically proven method of giving a person an experience of what dementia might be like. This outstanding professional tool that offers unique and essential perspectives for our Bluebird Care staff.

Before entering the bus, the team of Bluebirds went through a 20 minute induction, preparing them for the experience on the virtual dementia bus.

Maryann our Live-in Care Manager said;

The training yesterday was mind changing.  The insight gained into Dementia through hands on activities was invaluable.  Thank you to all the organisers not just for us but for all the customer we look after.

Lilley Richards - our Care Co-ordinaor told us - 'She really enjoyed yesterday, was such an eye-opening experience and am so grateful for the opportunity! I have worked in care for nearly 5 years and learned more about dementia in one morning than I have done since starting care! Thank you to everyone who organised it!

Our Bluebird Care Home Care Assistants said;


The experience was amazing; it has opened my eyes to how people with dementia feel on a daily basis. I'm happy I got the chance to be apart of the training

Charlotte - My experience of the dementia bus was really eye opening. It taught me different things I never knew about dementia and hopefully I can use these when caring for our customers to make them more comfortable. 

Theresa  “I found the dementia bus very informative, interesting and well represented”


This course helped me to broaden my knowledge in dementia care and as one of the biggest and fastest growing social and health issues that our ageing population are now facing, we need to as a society become more supportive, inclusive and foster an understanding with people living with dementia type illnesses. They think this should be accessible to every individual looking after someone with dementia, families, partners, friends, as sometimes signs and symptoms can be overlooked.

Thank you, Bluebird Care for this opportunity!