A Refection On 2017

Published: 27/12/2017

With the year coming to a close, Directors Kevin and Tracey McCormack look back on 2017. 

2017 has been a great year for us, It has seen us grow as a business and integrate further into the communities that we serve. By increasing the number of care assistants in our network we have been able specalise our care service, this is because some of our newer care staff have been trained highly in particular conditions or requirements. For example this year saw the introduction of the 'Dementia Champions team' this is a small team within our wider network whom receive extra training in Dementia awareness and support so that they can best assist the needs of our customers. In 2018 we are planning to further specalise our network into smaller teams so that we can fully meet the needs and requirements of our customers and offer a consistent service. We would like to thank all of our care and office staff whom have all worked so very hard this year to provide an outstanding care service that we are so proud of. We are excited and optimistic to see what 2018 brings. We would like to wish all of our customers, staff and members of our local community a very happy new year.