We’re being Vaccinated

We caught up with our Operations Manager, Zoe, to tell us all!


We caught up with our Operations Manager, Zoe, to tell us all!

In order to keep each other safe at home, we have implemented a number of initiatives and protocols so that we can protect one another as we look towards a brighter year, we are particularly excited about our vaccinations roll out!

Q: So Zoe, it’s been quite the year! Tell me have you had your vaccination and how did you find it?’
A: I have indeed, the vaccine was so easy to organise and it didn’t hurt at all, I feel so proud to be doing my bit to protect my customers!

Q. That’s great to hear! How are your team feeling about it? 
A: Really positive, we are well on our way to having everyone vaccinated. When news first hit our headlines that a new vaccine was on the way, it was really exciting to think we will be reaching normality again!

Q: And what about customers how are they feeling about the jab?
A: Also really positive, lockdown restrictions have been really challenging for our customers as it has meant not being able to see friends and family. We are glad to be there to give them a helping hand when their loved ones weren’t able to, but I think that the vaccine as given everybody hope that they can come together and hug each other again.

If any of our customers would like help with organising their vaccinations. All they need to do is contact us at the office and we’ll help them put everything in place.

Q: That’s amazing! So what are you most looking forward as we moving into the summer?
A: I can’t wait to get back to some normality, see my friends, family and my customers at seasonal events...we’ve got so much coming up and I can’t wait to celebrate all together.