Homecare Day 2020

Celebrating our magnificent team.


Celebrating our magnificent team.

Happy Homecare Day to our wonderful care staff and all who work within the Domiciliary care industry.

Our Care Assistants are so dedicated to our customers that they consistently go above and beyond to deliver personalised and bespoke care to each customer and their relatives where applicable.

We understand that without the skill, determination, kindness and compassion of our wonderful Care Assistants, we would not be able to deliver the highly regarded service that we are so proud of.

In the following case study, a Bluebird Care Maidstone Care Assistant truly embodied our mission and represents all our core values.

Our Care Assistant Vanessa went above and beyond to support her customer and provide the best dementia care possible.  This is an example of our truly person centred and bespoke service which meant that the customer was able to stay at home for as long as possible. This is because our

Live-in Care approach not only acknowledges the needs of the customer, but also explores those things that bring them joy.

This can take some creative thinking. A key example of this is identifying past hobbies and finding new and innovative ways of incorporating them into daily life to make each day special.

Vanessa’s customer was a budding artist and in order to support her creativity, Vanessa would encourage her customer to paint and would take her on trips to the countryside so that she could stay active.

Our Live- In Care service is far from a one size fits all approach, but rather attends to the varied needs of each and every customer. This even included Vanessa taking her customer to her parent’s graves so that she could lay flowers.

Our implementation of bespoke care never wavers. We understand that no two customers are the same, and therefore our packages and services adapt to meet the needs of each customer.

Vanessa’s work with her customer is testament to our overall implementation approach.

At Bluebird Care Maidstone we offer a personal and professional home care and support service and are committed to building a relationship that our customers can trust.

Thank you to Vanessa and our wonderful Care Assistants #HomecareDay2020