Praise for Live-in Care Supervisor!

Published: 22/05/2019

Paula's caring ways and skills for live-in services are applauded

The family of one of our live-in care customers, Mrs BB wrote to Director Joanna Lee personally with some very lovely words about our Live-in Supervisor Paula Cheney! She told us;

"I wanted to provide feedback on how pleased I’ve been with Paula, more like delighted!  I’ve been meaning to write to you about her for some time now and I know Mum is very fond of her too.  Paula is very approachable and has been so kind and understanding in her support to Mum and myself.  She’s a true asset to Bluebird."

Of course, we know how amazing Paula is, but it's great to hear directly from our customers the positive impact her caring skills are making on the lives of those she supports. Keep up the good work Paula!