"If you pay peanuts..."

“...you get what you pay for!” 

Or to put it another way, and the old advice is always the best, you always get what you pay for...

Procuring care for yourself or a loved one is often done at the time when the family is stretched due to illness or uncertainty and the cost of that care can be very expensive.

However, at such a time you will want to know that you or your Mum or Dad is being looked after in a compassionate, sensitive and responsive way by a team of highly trained and regulated care professionals.

I have chosen the above words very, very carefully because there are a few routes on which to embark when contracting services for care but very few options are monitored, regulated and provide a highly skilled, professional outcome.

Some choose a self-employed personal assistant to care for their Mum or their Dad or themselves. This choice is always driven by cost. What you get is a ‘one man band’, who is non-regulated, non-managed, often not fully trained, with limited experience. They may not have insurance or a criminal record check. Furthermore, they will not have the facility to call on a bank of skilled colleagues to assist them when they are ill, on holiday or simply don’t wish to work the weekend to care for you or work in the evening to provide that call you might so desperately need.

Personal Assistants are private individuals who work on their own. They are not monitored by anyone to ensure that the work they do offers best or even current practice. They do not have an established network of health professionals on which to call for advice and guidance.

That is why none of Bluebird Care (Lewes) carers are self-employed; all are employed by us and all are regulated, monitored, highly trained and have the support of a very experienced and qualified Care Manager and Supervisors to ensure that your Mum or Dad or you receive  safe, effective, caring, responsive and well managed care.

Our care workers ALWAYS work in teams. Our customers always have a lead carer but there will always be another two carers who will know your Mum or Dad’s or your requirements, likes and dislikes to cover in times of sickness or holiday. This ensures continuity of care, ensuring no care calls are missed and that no customer is ever forgotten.

Working in teams also assists with safeguarding vulnerable people from abuse; including neglect and financial or material abuse.

We hand pick only the very best carers – and because of this we don’t pay peanuts and the result ... our team are simply the most professional and committed care team in the District.

This approach costs a little more than paying a private, self-employed, non-regulated, non-monitored Personal Assistant with no back-up, or on-going training, who has little accountability and limited availability. However, we think that our Mum’s & Dad’s safety and wellbeing is paramount and that is why our customers choose to pay that bit extra.

Oh yes, and we pay our carers holiday pay, national insurance, employer income tax, pension costs and training costs. These are extra costs that those who choose a personal assistant will have to legally pay in addition to the ‘contact’ cost of their care. 

Remember, you always get EXACTLY what you pay for.

How to find the right care for you or your relative

1. Find your local office

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3. Assessment

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4. Care team chosen & care starts

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