Report: Coronavirus - Lessons learned to date - 12 October 2021

Published: 13/10/2021

Since March 2020 the Science and Technology Committee and the Health and Social Care Committee have been holding separate inquiries examining the Government’s response to the covid-19 pandemic.

Commenting on the report, our director at Bluebird Care Lewes District, Brighton and Hove, Michelle Johnson said;

"Today's report, from page 83, highlights some of the issues for the social care sector but sadly does not recognise or comment particularly on domiciliary care.

Also missing, in my opinion, is the profound negative impact on us when trying to work with local public health, adult social care teams, and various regulatory bodies during this period. All had no plan, were not joined up and as such could offer no proper support to a sector in its darkest hour.

However, maybe this report will mark a change and there will be lessons learned and some adult conversations into 2022 with the aim of joining up a plethora of public organisations to benefit the communities they serve.

In the meantime, we salute the entire social care workforce, our amazing care assistants and office teams. We ask the overseers to take time to stop, think, reflect, and to remember so they can plan effective and purposeful change.”