Our Response to Coronavirus

In these unprecedented times, Bluebird Care have prepared a contingency plan in case the worst should happen. The details are explained here.


In these unprecedented times, Bluebird Care have prepared a contingency plan in case the worst should happen. The details are explained here.



In addition to the already existing continuity plan for a pandemic the business (Bluebird Care Leicester) shall respond to the outbreak of corona virus following the guidelines set out by Public Health England and the UKHCA

Staff will be prepared to work extra hours and with more flexibility.  Office based staff will work from another location (THEIR HOMES). The business will ensure that staff will have access to the electronic systems used for allocating calls and for monitoring calls. The registered manager and the responsible individual will be available at any time for support and back up to all field staff and office staff.

Should it become necessary to close our offices then Telephone lines will be diverted to senior staff members personal mobiles.

All annual leave will be cancelled  and any non urgent calls such as domestic and sitting calls will also be cancelled.

Customers shopping calls to be carried out on-line preferably by a relative /or with power of attorney so financial transactions can be secure. Where there is no family member, Bluebird Care Staff will undertake shopping but there will be no guarantee is timings though we will do our best to get to do this in a timely manner.

It is expected that the service will be affected by the current Covid -19 threat and it is also expected that times of calls will be disrupted and in some cases reduced to a safe minimum to enable the business to meet the needs of all its clients.

Where necessary, alternative agency’s help may be sought but only with permission from both the city and county councils and the client’s specific permission.

The Registered manager will identify those with the highest priority

  • Those with medication requirements ( where there is no one else to support )
  • Customers who are non weight bearing and require assistance to meet basic needs
  • Customers who have no relatives or people around who can offer assistance


The company have a 24hour emergency line which can be accessed by staff and customers or their families. This service will be extended to several call operators should the need arise

All landline calls will be diverted to these lines should there be a requirement.

Staff in isolation

Staff who have been assessed by  the NHS 111 service and have been advised to self-isolate will be expected to inform us straight away and submit the evidence they have been assessed and advised along with a self-certificate from the first day, staff will also be expected to have a health check after the isolation period stating their fitness for work 

All staff has received   information and advice about Coronavirus and has been issued with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to help with the control of the spread of the virus. Staff have also been issued with a handwashing guide

Those staff with children of school age who are affected by school closures and cannot work their normal hours will be offered alternative hours to fit in with their particular circumstance.

We monitor the situation daily and will follow any further guidance issued by either                             HM Government, local health authority, Care quality commission, Public health England

We currently have one member of staff who has recently travelled to Europe and three members of staff who are considered to be at a higher risk (2 field based staff & 1 office based)  

RE Scheduling calls

It may become necessary to reschedule calls due to staff being in self –isolation. All customers will have been assessed and the appropriate risk rating applied those considered at high risk will be prioritised and will received the care they require.

We have identified and categorised all our clients in terms of a RAG (Red Amber and Green) system where all needs and have been placed I risk order. This is a list that changes daily as customers either cancel or are admitted to hospital etc

Where possible families have been contacted to see what if any support they can provide for their relatives should there be a total lock down

All customers have been sent a copy of our action plan, and we will keep them informed if and when there are any significant developments that may disrupt our service.