The Music of a Bluebird

Published: 24/01/2020

At Bluebird Care Leicester we offer many services that you may not be aware of. Below are some of our regulated activities, but we offer much much more....just call us and ask.


Mission target- problem solving,  well buckle up because here we go ….

Caring for Your needs

Here at Bluebird we offer so many different things that will help you with day to day life, making you feel much calmer and relaxed. For example

  • bed bound -  being bed bound can be hard and makes people feel low. We are there to help and make sure you feel the complete opposite. We are there to help you with tasks you would do on a normal day to day basis like cleaning, bathing, and also helping you eat but most of all we make sure you do not feel lonely
  • cleaning calls - for whatever reason you struggle to keep up with the cleaning, don’t worry, we make sure that everything is clean and tidy whether it be hoovering or doing the washing to making the beds, we make sure everything is done the way you like it to your preferred standards. We make sure that while we are in your home we take great care to make sure we do not invade and step over the mark that you are uncomfortable with. 

Out and about

A big problem can be getting out of the house/flat it could be that you need some assistance getting out or that you need someone to come out with you to keep you company these are called social inclusions they can usually range from 2-4 hours plenty of time to do the things you would like to do this could be

  • going out for a meal
  • pub
  • shopping
  • park
  • garden centre
  • leisure centre

And various other activities that the service user would be interested in doing we are there so that they can go out and do things that they enjoy doing we make sure that you are happy and enjoy yourself.

Bluebird Care offers so many different times and services that will be changed and altered to suit our clients’ needs this could be:

  • calls starting from 30 minutes
  • live in care
  • waking nights
  • sleeping nights

We make sure that customers have everything they need and also that our care is 100% at all times we are ready for anything and everything.

We also provide couple care so that loved ones can be together and not separated. And the best part about all of it is we are pet friendly, we at Bluebird Care love out furry friends just as much as we love our loyal customers and we just keep on expanding.

Mission problem solving complete, over and out!