Dementia and Alzheimer's care in Kensington and Chelsea

During Dementia Action Week, we discuss the importance of diagnosis and tailored support.


During Dementia Action Week, we discuss the importance of diagnosis and tailored support.

Registered Manager Clarissa Courtney says, “With one in three people in the UK living with undiagnosed dementia, now is the time to seek answers and support if you or someone you know may be affected.”

“The benefits of an accurate diagnosis are vast. For some, they discover their memory loss is not related to dementia but rather caused by medication, sleep deprivation, thyroid problems or a list of other possibilities. For others, a diagnosis of dementia means access to support including therapies, medication, accessing financial benefits they may be entitled to and being able to explain why they are not able to function as they used to.”

“We understand the importance of our Kensington & Chelsea Bluebirds having the best training to support customers with a diagnosis of dementia. Our service supports a host of customers with various stages of cognitive decline due to Alzheimer’s and dementia.”

“We supported Mrs M for three years, ever since she received her dementia diagnosis. Her Bluebirds began with companionship visits during which they would bake cakes, enjoy strolls in her local park, al fresco lunches… dementia didn’t determine her life. She was in control and her Bluebirds helped her stay in the driver’s seat! As her condition changed, we discussed at length the type of support she wanted to receive, from which Care Experts, and what was most important to her.”

“In late 2023, Mrs P had a stroke which changed her care completely. Live-in care with additional carers visiting throughout the day has helped with everything from personal care and nutrition and hydration whilst encouraging her enjoyment of and enabling her access to art and music. This is a must as these are her great passions! Her Care Experts use an iPad to access her favourite pieces of classical music which elicits an emotional reaction every time… music allows her to connect with herself, her family and her Bluebirds. It’s beautiful to witness.”

Clarissa concludes, “It is our honour to support London residents to remain safe at home, whatever their challenges and diagnoses. Dementia and Alzheimer’s aren’t the end of independence... it's simply the start of a new chapter. With a diagnosis, you can access the best support and resources. During Dementia Action Week and throughout the year, it’s our mission to ensure as many people in our borough – from Notting Hill and Holland Park to Earls Court, Pimlico and Chelsea – receive the diagnosis and support they need.”