John Lee - Our Hair & Nail Pamper Expert

Published: 24/02/2022

At Bluebird Care Kensington & Chelsea, we believe in the importance of a good pamper. Our customers deserve to feel spoiled and feel relaxed.

That is why we are excited to have the very talented John Lee on our team - an experienced carer, hair genius, and nail professional all in one who is on hand to make you feel revitalised. 

So, what's his story? At the age of 16, John started his hairdressing career at a local Kensington salon called Capelli, known for its celebrity clientele. He then delved into the TV, Film, and Fashion world, working on runways and studio sets, taking him internationally. In the late 1980s, John opened two salons in Kensington Market and Portobello Road called Children In Vision.

"When my shops were open, I had different types of people walk through the door, and I always got on with each and every one of them well. We welcomed diversity and inclusivity in the shop, and I enjoyed hearing other people's stories. So once the stores closed, people told me I should look into caring and helping others, and I've never looked back." 

John began his care journey in 2011 and later joined Bluebird Care Kensington & Chelsea in 2016. After a brief break in 2021, John returned to the company after a call from Nicola, and that was when he combined his two loves for care and hairdressing. 

"Nicola called me up and asked me if I would consider doing hair, and nails, to benefit the wellbeing of their customers, helping make them feel good, and I decided to go for it.

I get great satisfaction from the role, and I have great communication with customers."

John went on courses to get all the new insurances needed in place for his career path. John is now building his clientele within the company, and his customers are super happy with the new service provided. He has even noticed a change in their mood when he returns. 

One of John's customers expressed their gratitude: "John is his worth weight in gold."

So, what's next for John? "I would love to study reflexology, it's helped me immensely, and I would love to pass that to my customers who can release their own energy and feel relaxed."

If you would like to get in contact and book in a bit of pampering, get in touch with the Bluebird Care Kensington & Chelsea team.