Dementia Friends is our charity of the year!

Published: 21/06/2023

Raising awareness of dementia

21st June 2023

Dementia Friends is our charity of the year!

Popular, Islington-based homecare provider Bluebird Care Islington & Hackney is creating awareness of dementia by announcing Dementia Friends as its charity of the year for 2023!

Dementia Friends is an initiative that raises awareness of dementia - so friends, family and those in the wider community know what the condition is, and how to support those living with it.

Dementia is a worldwide challenge, with nearly 50 million people globally living with it. In the UK alone, there are over 850,000 people with dementia. That number is set to rise to 2 million by 2050. More than 40,000 people under 65 have dementia and of those aged over 65, 1 in 14 will be diagnosed with dementia in their older years.

Dementia is a general term for permanent degenerative mental ability which is sever enough to impact daily life. It is caused by damage to brain cells, this impairs the ability of the brain cells to connect with each other. Different regions of the brain are responsible for specific functions, so when an area is damaged that area is not able to carry out its normal function.

Michael Hackett, Director of Bluebird Care Islington & Hackney, commented:

“Many of our customers already have or may develop dementia, therefore it’s important that we raise awareness and work together to support those who live with the condition.  

All of our care staff have gone through dementia awareness training and are fully aware of how to care for those who have it.

As it’s something close to our heart, we’re pleased to announce Dementia Friends as our charity of the year for 2023.”

The most common type of dementia is Alzheimer’s Disease. One of the earliest symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease is memory loss as the memory region of the brain is often the first to become damaged.

Other symptoms include:

  • Confusion
  • Speech problems
  • Impaired understanding of reasoning and judgement
  • Decreased visual perception
  • Reduced ability to focus and be attentive

Age, family history, genetics are all risk factors to dementia which we can’t change.

Dementia can also develop by the following conditions: side effects of medication, alcoholism, depression, thyroid problems, vitamin deficiencies, head injuries and cardiovascular illnesses. However, when these conditions are treated, the dementia symptoms may improve.

A key line of research also suggests that general healthy aging could help keep the brain strong and minimise the risk of Alzheimer’s developing. These measures include:

  • A healthy diet to keep weight under control, reduce cholesterol, decrease blood pressure, lessen risk of diabetes, heart disease and stroke
  • Regular exercise of the body and mind
  • Reduction or elimination of smoking and alcohol intake
  • Lower stress levels

Bluebird Care is a leading, award-winning provider of home and live-in care, specialising in working with customers who live with dementia, physical disabilities and many other acute and chronic conditions. Bluebird Care works alongside their customers’ families, social services and the NHS to ensure each person receives the care they need.

Bluebird Care offers a unique service of tailored care visits which range from anything from 30 minutes to full live-in support. As well as personal care they also help with meal preparation, welfare checks, shopping, social trips, visits to the hospital and provide extra support for post-discharge customers.

For more information contact Bluebird Care Islington & Hackney by calling 0203 589 7799, emailing, or by visiting their website