Visits to Our Regulars

Published: 22/05/2019

At Bluebird Care Hounslow & Chiswick there’s not one of our customers that is more important than the other, that’s why we go above and beyond in order to deliver the best customer service that we possibly can. This week we want to focus on two of our customers – Maureen and Fred, who are now regular customers of Bluebird Care Hounslow and Chiswick. They both live locally and see a care assistant every day.  

A married couple, the pair have been in their home a number of years.  Fred, ex royal navy, used to work in the engine room of submarines, now really looks forward to visits from staff at Bluebird Care Hounslow & Chiswick. Fred also lives with his wife, Maureen and their dog, Fergus.

Maureen, who was recently admitted to hospital, was in for an extra reason to smile when she was discharged, in the form of a visit from care supervisor Marina.

Marina came to visit the couple that very day, complete with well wishes and an abundance of flowers, which coincidentally matched Maureen’s top!

Care Supervisor Marina said:

“Its clear to everyone how hard we all work at bluebird care Hounslow and Chiswick and how we would all go above and beyond for all our customers. We all enjoy interacting with the customers, they’re always such lovely people that it never feels like work, and to see how delighted they are always makes it worth it. Maureen and Fred are really loved customers, I’m always more than happy to go and see them, and also to give Fergus a treat!”
The care assistants aim to be flexible, and to help out the customers where they are needed most. Whether that be just checking in on them, having breakfast together or generally having a chat.