Deaf Awareness Week: Bluebird Care North Hampshire Care Assistant Tells Her Story

Published: 06/05/2021

Nikki is proud of her role at Bluebird Care and she doesn’t let being deaf get in the way of her life.

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Bluebird Care North Hampshire Care Assistant, Nikki Healy, is profoundly deaf.

Nikki is proud of her role at Bluebird Care and she doesn’t let being deaf get in the way of her life. She wanted to raise awareness about her experience working as a Care Assistant, for this year’s Deaf Awareness Week.

Nikki said:

“I applied for a job with Bluebird Care North Hampshire after reading their website and all about the quality of care they provide for their customers. I was given plenty of training with a Care Mentor before I was introduced to customers.

“When I meet customers and explain that I am profoundly deaf and can lipread, they always accept me and treat me with respect.

“I am the only Bluebird Care Care Assistant who is profoundly deaf, and the company has always been very accommodating. When I first came in for training, Bluebird Care North Hampshire made sure the other Care Assistants were aware of my deafness – I feel so welcomed here.

“I have been with Bluebird Care for three years now, I am proud to say I provide a high quality of care and always treat my customers with respect and dignity.

“While on duty, I work alongside other Care Assistants who are always good to me and assist me, particularly with new customers. The more I work with customers, the more they get used to my deafness - I always really value their patience with me.

“Having been in the Care Industry for many years, Bluebird Care is the best company I have worked for. Many of my colleagues have been on training for Deaf Awareness, they have also arranged interpreters for my training and team meetings. 

“I would like to say thank you to Bluebird Care, I feel that I’m lucky to have a good company, and the team members and managers are great, especially the two incredible directors.”

 “My advice to anyone with a disability who is interest in pursuing a role in care is to read the CQC report and social media to get a good feel of the company and how they value their staff, the training they offer and the type of customers you will be visiting. I knew from speaking to the people at Bluebird Care North Hampshire that they were very welcoming and would support me from the staff.”


Jady Starr the Registered Care Manager at Bluebird Care North Hampshire, said:

“Nikki has been an incredible Care Assistant from day one, she is so passionate about caring for her customers and she has become such an integral part of the Bluebird Care North Hampshire team.

“We are proud to be an employer that prioritises diversity and inclusion and we are delighted with the positive feedback Nikki has given us. Where possible, we will always make arrangements to accommodate the needs and requirements of our team members. Just as we care for our customers, we also care for our employees.”