RQIA Inspection Report 2016

Published: 22/05/2019

Summary of the RQIA Unannounced Inspection Report 2016


Bluebird Care (Holywood) Annual Inspection: June 2016.

Profile of Service

Bluebird Care, Holywood is a domiciliary care agency based in Holywood, Co Down, providing care to people in their own homes including older people, and people with a physical disability or learning disability. Services provided include personal care, social and domestic tasks, and sitting services (day and night). The agency has been operational from March 2010, and currently provides care to 148 service users. The South Eastern and Belfast Health and Social Care Trust’s commission their services. A number of self-referred service users receive care and support from the agency.

Summary of Inspection

Detail of inspection process

The annual unannounced inspection for Bluebird Care was carried out on 27 June 2016 between the hours of 09.30 and 16.00. The assessment sought to assess progress made with any issues raised during and since the previous inspection and to determine if the agency was delivering safe, effective and compassionate care and if the service was well led.  On all 4 criteria the agency scored well. 

Bluebird Care had one recommendation made during their previous unannounced inspection in 2015 That recommendation had been met and that all staff handbooks had been updated. This outcome is to be commended.

Visits to service users were carried out by the UCO prior to the inspection and a summary of findings is contained within this report. Findings following these home visits were discussed with the registered manager.

The inspector met with 5 care workers each of whom had a clear understanding of the roles and responsibility with regard to the 'Safegaurding Adults' policy. 

Home Visits summary

As part of the inspection process RQIA’s User Consultation Officer (UCO) spoke with three service users and seven relatives on June 21st to discuss their views regarding care being provided by Bluebird Care in the Holywood vicinity.

The UCO was advised that care is being provided by small, consistent teams; this was felt to be beneficial as it allows a relationship to develop between the service user, family and carers. It was good to note that service users or their representatives are usually advised of the name of, or introduced to, new members of staff by a regular carer. All of the people interviewed confirmed that there were no concerns regarding the timekeeping of the agency’s staff and they would usually be contacted by the agency if their carer had been significantly delayed.

It was good to note that the majority of the people interviewed had no concerns regarding the quality of service being provided by the staff from Bluebird Care.

Examples of some of the comments made by service users or their relatives are listed below:
  • “Couldn’t say anything bad about them.”
  • “They are very good with my xxx.”
  • “Wouldn't swap them.”
  • 'Very Porfessional'
  • “Good bunch of girls.”
  • “No complaints about anything.”
One recommendation has been made to expand the monthly monitoring reports deatiling feeedback of information and actions taken.