Mobile monitoring transforming the way we do business

Published: 22/05/2019

Enhanced quality assurance and real-time customer support!

That has been the overwhelming feedback from our recent customer survey regarding our quality of care since the implementation of Iconnect mobile monitoring system for our customers and employees one year ago.

Near Field Communication technology iConnect from Advanced Health & Care (Advanced) is a real-time monitoring solution designed to drive efficiencies and improve quality of care. Introduced to the team in January 2013, we have worked diligently to ensure all 55 care workers are trained and comfortable using the new technology.

Care Manager, Marcia Leacock-Garnes offered;

At Bluebird Care (Hillingdon) we value the safety and welfare of both our customers and employees. The Iconnect mobile monitoring system has been an invaluable tool for us to ensure our customers and employees are safe at all times.

The benefits of the mobile solution to our customers include enhancement to our on-going care support. The 24hr alerts allow us to not only track that our customers receive the care at the time requested but to provide timely and much needed reassurance in an emergency or in the unlikely event a care worker is running late.

For our care workers it helps to ensure they are safe at all times and keeps an accurate automatic log of all their visits eliminating the need to carry printed timesheets for customers to sign. Changes to schedules and or tasks to be completed are also automatically available for viewing.