A Career in Care - Starting Your Career

Published: 06/10/2020

PART 3 - In the final part of the career in care guide, you will find the most recent and updated job vacancies we have currently advertised for Bluebird Care (Hillingdon).

So far in our ‘Career in Care’ guide, we have covered what to expect working in the care industry, and more specifically working for Bluebird Care (Hillingdon). In addition to this, we also spoke to a care assistant, to get feedback of their experiences and what their day-to-day life as a care assistant for Bluebird Care (Hillingdon) is truly like.

If you are in the process of looking for a fresh start in your career, or even to further your career in the care industry, we currently have great opportunities and roles available to join our close-knit team. 

Current Opportunities

At Bluebird Care (Hillingdon) we currently have one job vacancy available. 

  1. Care Assistant Vacancy 

Brief Job Specification:

This role consists of supporting customers with all aspects of their day-to-day living, so that they can enjoy the best possible quality of life. Care assistants will mostly work alone with the customer in their home. 

Providing care and support offers many rewards, but can also be challenging. Compassion, good communication skills and a calm and caring manner are essential for this important role in our company. 

Key responsibilities: 

To provide safe, reliable, compassionate care and support to meet the individual needs and wishes of each customer, as each person is unique. You must respect each customers’ choice about how their care and support is given and promote their dignity at all times. 

You may be the only person the customer sees over a period of time, it is therefore essential to report any changes or causes for concern to your line manager promptly. You need to be clear about when to seek help and advice in order to keep customers safe and promote their well-being.

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Career Progression

At Bluebird Care (Hillingdon) we offer opportunities of career progression and advancement for our care assistants. It is important for us to identify the hard work and commitment that our care assistants show to our customers, and is vital to give them the opportunities they need in order to progress and succeed for their future.

You can find the progression of careers below, starting with a Care Assistant, to achieving the highest role of Operations Manager.

Care Assistant → Field Care Supervisor  → Care Coordinator  → Registered Care Manager  → Operations Manager

Even if you are only beginning your career within the care industry, or you are at an advanced level with years of experience in care, there will always be a position suited to your exact needs and requirements with Bluebird Care (Hillingdon).

We truly hope that you have enjoyed the ‘Career in Care’ series, and hope that you have a good insight into life as a care assistant with us. If you are looking for a current position with us here at Bluebird Care (Hillingdon) then use the links provided to apply for the individual positions, or you can get in touch with us to find out more information.