Kind Words

Published: 24/09/2020

At Bluebird Care (Hillingdon), we recently received some very kind words from a client's daughter.

“I currently have carers from your Ruislip branch to help with my 91-year old mum on a regular basis, helping to support me with the 24/7 care she needs. Unfortunately I was unwell last week and unable to care for my mum myself. This was a situation that came on suddenly and I feel it is important to inform you of how things were dealt with. 

Firstly, I want to officially thank Bluebird Care (Hillingdon) for helping me out so quickly when I was unwell. I appreciate how difficult it is to reconfigure rotas, and to put in 24/7 care, which must have taken a lot of organising. I have personally thanked Karen on the phone but feel you should be aware of my feelings.

Secondly I cannot sing the praises highly enough of the staff that picked up the majority of the care for my mum. As you know, up until last year my daughter always stepped in during these circumstances. I can honestly say the reassurance I felt when Laura, Roxanne, Kerry and Susan were here was just the same. Their kindness, care and thoughtfulness for both myself and my mum was above and beyond anything I've experienced before. 

To be honest, if I were to write a list of the qualities a perfect carer would have, they all have them. Punctuality, attention to detail in helping mum with personal care and general awareness of her needs, combined with a way of speaking to her, shows care and understanding of her level of understanding and awareness. You must be so pleased these carers work for your company and others could learn a lot from them. It boils down to one major thing...they actually care about their client.

In a world where carers often receive bad press, I feel it is important you are aware of this. As well as you are of these carers’ commitment and attitude to their clients and families. 

Many thanks once again.”  - C.D