Welcome to Tracy

Published: 24/09/2020

We are pleased to welcome Tracy to the team as our new Care Coordinator.

Tracy has recently joined us as our new Care Co-ordinator. Her role will involve preparing the schedules for home visits, planning out the most efficient ways for us to cover calls to our customers.

As we provide care over such a large geographical area, this is a huge responsibility and anyone who knows Herefordshire well will be aware of the complex network of country lanes which link our rural villages.

We pride ourselves on offering home care to customers who are in rural locations and are used to the logistics of allowing for herds of dairy cows which may slow down our travel times!

Tracy lives in Leominster, where we have our satellite office, and is also working from our main office in Wormbridge in the south of the county. She will also be making home visits in addition to organising the weekly rotas.

In her spare time, Tracy keeps active and enjoys long walks with her dog, Ruby, and also travelling and swimming.