To Will Or Not To Will

Many people think that they don’t need a Will, or that it’s a morbid thing to do, but by not getting around to it, you’re not giving yourself any control over what happens to your property and money after you die. Even more worryingly, your nearest and dearest could end up being left out.

It’s far better to know that your hard earned money is going to pass to people you care about, or charities that you support, rather than who the law says should be entitled. The law won’t always make provision for your loved ones as you will have wished, and it is a mistake to believe that you don’t need a Will because it will all pass to your ‘next of kin’.
By taking this simple step, you can choose not only who receives your money and property, but also who’s in charge of sorting out the administration of your estate. You can also set out your funeral wishes, leave gifts of specific items, appoint guardians for children and even save some tax.
You can also help prevent arguments between those left behind. After all, if there is no Will then no one knows what your wishes are, and this can leave people feeling uncertain and vulnerable, which can lead to rifts in families which could have been easily avoided.
Preparing a Will doesn’t have to be complex or expensive, but it is important that you take advice from a fully qualified solicitor, even if your affairs are straight-forward. Don’t do it yourself, you could end up making things more complicated for those left behind, and sometimes this can end up in a legal bill that could have been avoided.
If it’s about time that you or someone you know makes or updates their Will, call or email us and we can help. We are a firm of solicitors specialising in Wills and advice to older people, their families and carers.

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