Lasting Powers Of Attorney

Many people think that by making a Lasting Power of Attorney (“LPA”), they lose the right to make their own decisions, but this isn’t the case.  On the contrary, by making an LPA you have decided who is allowed to handle your affairs on your behalf, if at any point in the future you become unable to, because of an illness like Alzheimer’s or Dementia. 
You can make a Lasting Power of Attorney for financial decisions as well as for health and care decisions.
Under the financial power, you can ask your Attorneys to help you with running your bank and savings accounts, paying your bills or buying or selling you house.
Under the heath and care power, you can ask your Attorneys to help you with making decisions about the type of health care and medical treatment you receive, where you live and what your daily routine is like. You can also decide what happens if ever you need life sustaining treatment.
In both types of LPAs, you choose who is appointed to act for you (called your Attorney), and therefore make absolutely sure that your affairs are managed by someone that you know and completely trust. You can also appoint more than one person, or different people for different decisions. It doesn’t need to be complicated.
Without an LPA, if you did lose capacity in the future, an application would have to be made to Court for someone to act for you. Then you might be in a situation where the person making this application, might not be the person you would have chosen.
It might seem daunting thinking about what would happen if you became ill, but a little planning will make sure that if you do need a helping hand, it’s as stress-free as possible for both you, and those around you. 
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