Happy Valentines Day 2021

Today we celebrate Valentine’s Day!


Today we celebrate Valentine’s Day!

Today we celebrate Valentine’s Day!

Known as the feast day of Saint Valentine, Valentine’s day presents society with the opportunity to celebrate love, affection whilst creating and nurturing new and existing relationships.

Given the challenges over the past year, we have learned how important our relationships are and how creating connections is so crucial to our daily lives.

That’s why, today, we would like to celebrate the efforts of our Community Care Assistants and Live-in Care Assistants whose companionship and care are so important to our customers.

We also would like to celebrate our wonderful customers whose personalities, stories and passion for living life to the fullest, make our role as your Care provider so fulfilling and enjoyable.

If you would like to discover how you can become a part of the Bluebird Care family, whether it be as a Care Assistant or a customer, contact our office today!

Happy Valentine’s Day all!