A Year of Bluebird Care Gosport

Published: 11/10/2019

A Year of Bluebird Care Gosport


Bluebird Care Gosport is officially open! We’ve had the absolute pleasure of opening our doors to our customers, local businesses, prominent people from the community, members of the Bluebird Care network and of course our wonderful staff. We were lucky enough to have the Mayor of Gosport Diane Furlong officially cut the ribbon to mark the beginning of this amazing journey.

Director Kat Thomas Isolation

Kat spent a week alone, in isolation, with no contact to the outer world. She had enough food and drink to last her the whole week, as well as some books and a TV. Kat did this week of isolation to raise awareness of loneliness. Kat’s challenge was part of a campaign by Bluebird Care Gosport to Unite Against Loneliness. The campaign aims to raise awareness of loneliness and the impact it can have on an individual’s health and wellbeing. The campaign is being run in partnership with The Silver Line, the only confidential, free helpline for older people across the UK.

“Before I went in, I thought I was more of an introvert but since I have come out, I have realized I am actually an extrovert. I live on my own and spend time alone but I am also used to seeing and speaking to people all the time. We take it for granted that we can walk to the shops and do what we want when we want.”-Kat Thomas

Business Operations Manager Walks Over 200 Miles

Our business operations Manager, Stuart McIndoe, walked over 200 miles in 7 days, for The Silver Line. He walked from Brighton all the way to Exeter. The aim was to raise awareness of loneliness how the impact it can have on an individual. Stuart suffered many painful physical symptoms from the walk. However, he also noticed a huge difference in his mental health and happiness when he was walking alone, compared to when someone walked with him. Bluebird Care Gosport aims to Unite Against Loneliness.

“It was incredibly challenging, as I ended up in A&E. But it was an amazing thing to do, for a worthwhile charity, and it was great to unite the Bluebird Care offices, across the south coast, against loneliness” –Stuart McIndoe

Purple Tea Party

Bluebird Care Gosport hosted a Purple Tea Party, to raise money for The Stroke Association. There were raffle prizes, purple treats, games and everyone dressed in purple! When stroke strikes, part of your brain shuts down. And therefore, so does a part of you. That’s because a stroke happens in the brain, the control centre for who we are and what we can do. Recovery is tough, but with the right specialist support and a ton of courage and determination, the brain can adapt. Bluebird Care Gosport managed to raise an amazing £64.10 for The Stroke Association.

Alzheimer’s Cupcake Day

In the average time, it takes to bake a batch of cakes, six people in the UK will develop Dementia. It is now the leading cause of death in England and Wales, overtaking both cancer and heart disease. Bluebird Care Gosport held an Alzheimer’s Cupcake Day, where everyone baked some cupcakes and we had a social event to raise awareness on Alzheimer & Dementia and raise money to support the fight against Alzheimer’s & Dementia.


As we come to a close to completing our first year as Bluebird Care Gosport, a home care provider, we got delivered some amazing news. The Care Quality Commission (The CQC) gave us a rating of Outstanding. We are incredibly proud to receive this rating, within our first year. We would like to thank our team for making this possible. We aim to be the best we can.


Bluebird Care UK hold a conference every year to inspire delivering excellence. This is an amazing conference to be involved in. It opens our minds to show us how we can constantly improve, grow, and become even better.

This year we were lucky enough to win two awards. We won both ‘Spirit of Bluebird Care 2019’ and ‘Newcomer Award-Franchise of the Year 2019’. We are incredibly proud of every member of our team who helped us achieve this.

Here’s to year 2!