Congratulations to Home Care Assistant, Isabel!

Published: 24/05/2016

Congratulations to Isabel who is Carer of the month for May 2016!

The Carer of the Month for May is Isabel Machado Fernandes.  Customers said about Isabel:
Her consistency in managing a routine is so helpful.
She is always cheerful, with a friendly smile and sincerity to make the customer comfortable.
Isabel is very kind, happy, and always willing to do anything to help.
Highly sympathetic concern for every need.
Donna and Naomi said about Isabel:
She is always willing to help.  She has been so supportive of the new staff, and gave her personal mobile number to Sofia so that she could call her if she had any concerns.
She went out to support Sofia on Sunday morning on the one weekend of the month she has off to spend with her family, and said that it was no problem.
She is eager to learn, and keen to progress with her Level 2 Diploma.
The customers love her, and some have even said they will change their call times if it means they can have Isabel regularly.

Care Assistant of the month