Debbie takes on Swim 22 for Diabetes UK!

Published: 15/12/2020

Our Care Manager Debbie Frost has recently completed the swim 22 challenge to raise money for Diabetes UK!

Debbie decided to take up this challenge to raise awareness and support a charity that she is passionate about. The challenge was to swim 22 miles which is the length of the English Channel in 3 Months. Debbie's goal was to achieve this swim whilst raising at least £200 for the charity.

The challenge started in March and was supposed to finish in May, however due to the coronavirus pandemic and the lockdowns Debbie was given an extension and had to complete the challenge by end October. Debbie completed the challenge on time having swam 22.25 miles and raising a grand total of £318.88. Debbie says she enjoyed the challenge however it was tough at times particularly with the stopping and starting of the challenge due to the leisure centres being closed during the lockdown period. Debbie had to commit to going swimming for at least an hour and half 3 times a week to achieve the target and some days she really had to push herself to go, however once she had been, she always felt refreshed and energized.

Debbie would like to say a very big thank you to everyone who supported her through this journey not only with donations but also with moral support and she is immensely proud to have completed this challenge to help people who are living with this condition. The last update Debbie received from Diabetes UK about the challenge was on 21 November when they stated that the challenge was a great success, everyone who took part in the challenge collectively swam 59,256 miles and raised £793,439 towards the work that they do in supporting people who are affected by diabetes across the UK.