More Work Anniversaries!

Published: 22/05/2019

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Bethan Harper re-joined the team a year ago, after a period of time when she went off to try new things, and we were delighted to welcome her back. Beth is much appreciated as a mentor to new staff members. She is currently working towards her level 3 Diploma in Health and Social Care. Beth will provide care to all our customers, in all the areas we cover, so she can be here, there, and everywhere. She has good working relationships with all the customers she visits, and provides good quality care in a friendly manner, and is always pleasant. Beth reports concerns quickly and appropriately and is always concerned for customers wellbeing. Customers have said that:

Beth is at all times very pleasant
She is well trained and competent with all tasks
He really enjoyed Beth’s visits and appreciated the help
Beth does the job so well and is cheerful. She makes me feel at ease, and gives me her full attention
I look forward to seeing her; she is an excellent carer.

Kerrie Large has also been with Bluebird Care for one year. She settled well into the team, and was doing very well before she went onto maternity leave. We look forward to seeing her back with us in a few months time.

Adam Rowles has come a long way since joining Bluebird care a year ago.

He is very reliable, follows the care plan well, and provides good standards of care. Adam has had some challenges since working for us - he has gone above and beyond when a customer needed medical attention late at night, and stayed on to ensure that customer got the care that was required. Adam shows concern for the customers’ wellbeing and brings his concerns to the office team quickly. We have received a compliment from a district nurse about the care and support one of our customers received from Adam (and also Jane Dunlevy). She was very impressed - so much so that she has made an inquiry to receive care from us for a member of her own family.


Jodi Young has also been with us for a year. She has adapted well to care work with Bluebird Care. She has built up very positive relationships with both customers and other carers. Jodi is very vigilant, and reports concerns quickly and appropriately. Jodi has engaged in all training and is keen to develop her skills and knowledge further. She seems to have a natural ability to work really well with our dementia customers, with her common-sense approach, and her desire to provide excellent standards of care. She has just signed up to the Community Dementia Link Worker training with Gloucestershire County Council. Customers’ comments about Jodi include:Jodie is helpful, efficient, and knowledgeable.

I have every confidence in her and her experience.
Jodi has a very good attitude.
She has settled in quickly and inspires confidence.