Cupcake Day 2018!

Published: 27/06/2018

We held a cupcake day in aid of the Alzhiemers Society! 

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the Cupcake Days on 14th June in Gloucester whether by providing cakes, or making donations.  
We were delighted that one much-loved customer came to the event with his daughter-in-law, and spent an hour or so with us.
We were thrilled by the level of support we received from our staff and customers, and from neighbouring businesses.  We even had a few members of the public coming in for cakes, having spotted one of our posters. Mary donned a Lyons Corner House style hat and pinny, and wheeled a trolley-load of cakes round the shops and offices on Westgate Island.  As we had so many cakes left over at the end, Naomi took some with her when she went to collect her children from school, and sold quite a few at the school gates.  Our thanks to everyone in the office for your work on the day!
After a little topping up by office staff, we have £200 ready to send to the Alzheimer’s Society.