Congratulations to Home Care Assistant, Iris!

Published: 22/05/2019

Congratulations to Iris, who is Carer of the Month or February 2019!

The Gloucestershire North Carer of the Month for February was Iris O'leary. Customers have told us that Iris:  

Is bright and helpful


 Iris is very understanding and helpful

 She always knows what needs doing and is very thorough.   

Iris is a great friend and I always look forward to seeing her , she is always cheerful and a marvellous help – I’d be lost without her.  

Iris has been with us for 3 years now.  She provides very high standards of care, and is always very reliable.  She will cover extra shifts and calls for us on a regular basis.  Iris always remains calm even when faced with some challenging situations. Iris is currently working on her Diploma level 2 and doing very well with it.