Congratulations to Home Care Assistant, Louise!

Published: 31/05/2018

Congratulations to Louise Ratcliffe who is Carer of the Month for June 2018!

The Gloucestershire North Carer of the Month for June is Louise Ratcliffe. Louise is very professional, and provides excellent standards of care.  She has gone above and beyond in supporting us with one particular customer, by agreeing to extend her usual working hours, and to work on her days off, so that other carers could work with her, and understand how best to meet the customer’s needs.

Customer compliments for Louise include:
"Louise is very willing, and nothing is too much trouble".
"Louise is helpful, cheerful and friendly".
"She is always cheerful, quick, and anticipates what needs doing.  She’s very alert".
"Louise is kind and gentle, and does things without me asking for them to be done.  She cheers me up, and brightens my day".
"She has a lovely personality, bright and breezy.  She brightens my day, and is gentle and caring".
"She is always efficient, on time, and very caring".

Well done Louise!