Congratulations to Vicky, Debbie, Marcos, Mariana, and Teresa!

Published: 03/08/2017

Congratulations to Vicky, Debbie, Marcos, Mariana and Teresa who are all celebrating work anniversaries this month!

Congratulations to Vicky, Debbie, Marcos, Mariana and Teresa who are all celebrating work anniversaries this month!
Vicky Hewer has been our Care Manager for the Stroud and Cirencester area ever since the office opened 4 years ago. She has built a team of carers and office staff who share her, and our, commitment to high quality, person-centred care. She ensures that staff are supported, and has developed a culture in which they are always confident to share any problems or concerns. She runs a happy office. Vicky has written her own reflections on her 4th anniversary:
I have now been with Bluebird Care for an amazing 4 years. I joined Bluebird Care at a time when I was a little disillusioned with the care industry and sought to find a care provider who shared my values and vision for what constitutes good quality person centred care, and valued each and every carer, and the incredible contribution to they make to the day to day lives of the people they support; as well as fully recognising the importance of ensuring carers are treated well, feel valued, supported and invested in, so as to foster positive morale and a values based service. I was thrilled to be offered the position of Care manager Bluebird Care Stroud and Cirencester, and hope that during the recent CQC inspection this is recognised in their report.

Thank you to John, Gillian and Gareth for believing in me and giving me the chance to develop an amazing team and service which I feel incredibly blessed to be part of, to Tracy, Hannah, Sophie, Poppy and Debbie for their hard work, dedication, and the desire to provide the best possible service for our customers and ensure we look after and value all the amazing carers who are the face of Bluebird Care.  
Debbie Bridgewater has now been our Care Manager for the Gloucestershire North area for 3 years. She faced a very different challenge from Vicky’s, in taking charge of an area which had already been running for more than 6 years. Through tightening up recruitment procedures, effective support and monitoring during the probation period, and using performance management to motivate carers to improve their attendance levels and/or care practice - or move on to pastures new – she has strengthened the care team, and greatly reduced the number of occasions the coordinators have to phone good, reliable carers to ask them to do extra work because the same people keep going off sick. She has continued to manage change in the office, as roles have been reorganised to meet changing need.
Marcos Leite has reached his second anniversary with Bluebird Care. Marcos is popular with staff and customers alike.  He is often nominated by customers as Carer of the Month, and has been chosen twice. Marcos is calm and professional even in challenging situations. He is quick to notice any change in a customer’s health, and to communicate this to the office. He is also excellent at working with new carers, giving a good example, and helping them to develop their skills.
Mariana Lopes da Silva has also reached her second anniversary with us. She is also popular with customers and staff, and has also been our Carer of the Month. Mariana provides an excellent standard of person-centred care to our customers. She is unfailingly cheerful and smiling, which customers have often given as one of their reasons for nominating her for Carer of the Month. She is very good at communicating with the office when she has concerns about a customer, and is an all-round team player.
Teresa Walker has now been with Bluebird Care for a year. During this time, she has made a positive contribution to the team, and fostered good relationships with the customers. She has a positive attitude, and always ensures that she takes the time to get to know customers. Teresa is an effective communicator with a good eye for detail and will often pop into the office to share her observations and share feedback from customers, to enable us to update tasks on support plans/Pass System. She has the ability to remain calm and positive when dealing with challenges the role presents, such as customers being unwell or experiencing changing needs.
All five are highly valued members of Bluebird Care, and we look forward too many future anniversaries.