We’ve Appointed a New Deputy Care Manager

Published: 08/09/2021

We're pleased to say we've promoted Lynsey Donaghy to be our new Deputy Care Manager.

We’ve recently appointed Lynsey Donaghy as our Deputy Care Manager for Bluebird Care Glasgow South. Previously, Jane Perry was our Registered Manager but alongside her husband, Jane has three Bluebird Care territories across Scotland. By promoting Lynsey, Jane can focus on being innovative across all three of her territories. We place huge importance on providing high-quality home care services which means we are continually looking for ways to improve and stand out amongst our competitors.

Lynsey was an obvious choice as she has a wealth of experience in the care sector alongside strong management skills plus she knows Bluebird Care like the back of her hand. Lynsey joined us as a Supervisor back in February 2015, after a few months, she was promoted to Registered Manager. After 5 years, Lynsey took some time out to raise her beautiful baby boy but it wasn’t long before she joined us again as Customer Care Manager. 

Over the last year, Lynsey has been taking care of new customers through their first month and supporting our team with care plans before handing them over to our Supervisors. Lynsey has excelled in this role and that’s why when Jane decided it was time to hand over the reins and appoint a Deputy Care Manager it was clear that Lynsey was the right person for the role. 

In Lynsey’s new role she will be focusing on health and safety in the field but most importantly the quality and compliance. Lynsey will ensure that these are in line with the core values and make sure that customers are at the forefront of all activity. Bluebird Care Glasgow South has ‘Excellent’ Care Inspectorate grades and will be responsible for maintaining these.

We spoke with Lynsey about her recent promotion and she told us:

“I am so excited to get started into my new role and I welcome the challenges ahead. The care sector is in crisis at present, therefore we are in a very different position than ever before. This can be unsettling for both the team and customers and I hope that I can reassure people whilst still providing the highest level of service and communication. The key is to be open and honest with everyone”.

Lynsey Donaghy