Live-in care reminiscence

All our Live in Care Assistants are experienced in reminiscence therapy which is about looking back at past memories that bring back good feelings and helping with mental stimulation.

For those who are living with dementia, it is a great way of increasing wellbeing, engaging in meaningful conversation, along with increasing feelings of belonging and connection.

Our live in care service is unique as we have a specialist reminiscence application called Remind Me Care that is available to each customer. 

Watch the video below that explains all about how Remind Me Care works

Remind Me Care uses a bespoke search system to facilitate reminiscence. If, for example, a customer used to live in a particular town in a particular era, the search function can bring up photos, videos and other information that can help stimulate memories.

These memories can be recorded in the system and be accessed by family members and our staff team through an online login and is a powerful way to help stimulate reminiscence and record memories.

As well as celebrating a persons life, the portability of Remind Me Care is really, really useful for everyone.

Sam Mauger, CEO Age UK London