Going the extra mile.

Published: 06/04/2021

This story written by Bluebird Care Professional Ellie highlights how our Care Professionals really do go the extra mile to ensure our customers are receiving the highest quality care.

We have been visiting LM and TM since December 2019, they are a lovely couple who have been happily married for over 70 years. They live in a little village on the outskirts of Sturminster Newton with beautiful views of the countryside. Both LM and TM enjoy their visit from Bluebird Care.

On the 18th April On Call received a phone call from the Paramedics regarding TM, they advised that he had fallen and cut his head open and that he needed to go to hospital to be checked over. Due to covid-19 their family were unable to come over to look after LM and the option of her going to the hospital with him was to high of a risk.

After a couple of phone calls, On Call was able to find a Care Professional to do an emergency sleep in for LM. This helped to reassure TM who didn’t want to leave his wife.

After sorting out a few bits (and attempting to change a light bulb!) TM went off to hospital. Fortunately, he wasn’t kept in very long and was returned home in the early hours. Ellie kindly made TM a sandwich and cup of tea on his return and ensured he was comfortable in bed before settling down herself.

The family were extremely grateful that we were able to do this for them, they didn’t think this was something Bluebird Care offered- especially at such a difficult time. Everyone at Bluebird is grateful to Ellie, the compassion and dedication that she showed by helping support the family during this very stressful incident is what makes our carers extraordinary.