A simple walk in the garden.

Published: 06/04/2021

Written by our lovely Care Professional Jade. She realised that there is nothing simple about a walk in the garden for our customer VB.

I remember speaking to VB one night and he told me that he was feeling low, I think he was getting bored of the same 4 walls. He often talked to me about how lonely he was, especially of an evening. We spoke about what he used to enjoy doing, to see if I could try help him feel better. He said he missed going outside so I mentioned having a ramp, he said he would be getting one soon.

Now, as soon as I arrive he is ready to go- VB needs no persuasion.. he just wants to be out in the garden.

He likes the sun and fresh air and says that this is what motivates him everyday.

VB and I have a close bond. When I walk in I shout “Hey bestie” and he replies with “Hey best friend.”

We always have a laugh and on the times when he’s not having a very good day I give him a call to try and cheer him up.

Now he usually goes for a walk every lunchtime. If we do not get time he will sometimes go out by himself or wait for the evening carer. He says he feel much better after getting out and about and having some fresh air. He really feels like he has achieved something.


We love hearing Care Professionals and Customers feel good stories like this. We are so proud of our Care Professionals and all that they do to motivate and inspire others.