Sharon's career journey in care

Published: 11/08/2021

Sharon joined Bluebird Care Fareham back in 2010 as a Care Assistant. She had a young family and the hours of the role suited her family commitments.

Sharon did a full induction and training programme before getting to grips with her new role. Having never worked in a care role before, Sharon was new to the industry and it soon became clear that it was the right fit for her.

“I love helping people.” Sharon explains. “So, when my husband and I moved to the area I thought I would give caring a go. With a young family I needed something that would fit around our needs. I was unsure at first but it turned out that it was the best decision I ever made.”

Bluebird Care is a home care company, which means Care Assistants are out looking after customers in their homes. Each Care Assistant is given a weekly schedule of visits, with details of times, the customer and their needs. Days can vary but each week is similar, which helps the carer and customer build a trusted relationship.

Sharon took to the role well and enjoyed getting to know the customer’s and learning many skills while doing so. “I love being a carer. The satisfaction you get from helping people is great, it can't be beat.”

The role can be challenging, as Sharon explains. “As a carer sometimes the toughest parts of the job can be how emotionally attached you can get to the customers. You’re seeing them every day and you get to know each other so well. They become such a big part of your life. So, it can sometimes be difficult, but it helps to know that just being there for someone can mean so much to them.”

Recently an opportunity came up within the company for maternity cover for an office-based role. Sharon decided to apply and was successful in her application. She is currently covering the role of Carer Supervisor in which she works with the Care Assistants to ensure they have regular one-to-one meetings, their training and development needs are reviewed, and generally supporting them in their roles. It has been a great opportunity for Sharon to explore other roles within the company, as well as a chance to learn new skills.

"I was in need of a change and with my children a little older and my husband due to leave the Navy, it felt like the right time to take the step and make a change.” Sharon said.

Sharon has been with Bluebird Care Fareham for 11 years now and says her highlights are meeting so many different individuals and the varied role of care work, meaning no two days are the same.

When asked what advice she would give to someone considering care, Sharon says “To be a good carer I think patience and understanding are a must, a little humour is always good too. If I can make the customer laugh then I'm happy.” She also comments, “If you’re able make that person smile, even if it’s just once, you'll know you've done your job.”

If you are considering care work or would like more information on what the role entails, contact us for a friendly and informal chat on 01329 832681.