Why we invest in training and developing our team

Published: 12/03/2019

We believe that our (independently assessed, and nationally accredited!) programme of ongoing training is our best way of supporting our team to succeed reflected by an improvement in our staff retention which is now over 80%!

At Bluebird Care we believe that training is an essential building block for the success of our Team.

A wise man once said “Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do”.  

Putting this theme in to action we take all applicants new to the care sector out on a “taster session” with an experienced member of the team.  This gives them a fantastic insight to the role, its challenges but also its rewards.  

All staff that progress to our induction spend the whole of their third training day working with experienced team members on what we call a “shadow shift”.  This way all our staff get to apply what they have learned in the class room.  We find that the next two days of their training becomes even more relevant and give rise to lots of questions and discussion but from the stance of having seen care in action – the do-ing.

Our philosophy is that training isn’t a one time event, it continues.  Cassie our “Support Supervisor” is the dedicated point of contact for all new team members for their first 90 days and continues training the team our in the community and supporting them to complete their qualifications.

“I feel much more confident to do the tasks of my role because of the practical and theoretical knowledge the course has given me. I look forward to putting into practice what I’ve learned”

“Enjoyed this training, much more thorough than any training I’ve had in the past so feeling more confident about what to do in my new job role”!

“It has taught me a few things I did not already know, reinforced my knowledge that needed refreshing and has given me confidence. This was a very good induction”