Bluebird Care Exmouth’s Care Worker of the Year 2017, Jenny Kendall

Published: 22/05/2019

Introducing Bluebird Care Exmouth's Care Worker of the Year 2017, Jenny Kendall


Introducing Bluebird Care Exmouth's Care Worker of the Year 2017, Jenny Kendall


1)      Please could you tell us your name, age, job title and how long you have worked for Bluebird Care?

Jennifer Kendall, 26, Care assistant, a year and a half

2)      What hours do you work, and is it on a shift/rota pattern?

I work full time with every other weekend off.


3)      What qualifications have you got within the care industry?

I have my care certificate and have taken with Bluebird Care my moving and handling and first aid courses.


4)      Are you studying for other qualifications?

I am currently working on my NVQ level 3

5)      What does your current role consist of?

My role consists of helping our customers continue to lead their lives from the comfort of their own homes – with my support and help.

6)      Can you describe a typical day in your job?

A typical day in my job would be starting work at 7am and helping each of my morning customers to get up, washed, dressed, eat breakfast, have any medication required, do any odd jobs that need doing around the home. Then at lunch time I assist however needed, help with lunch and drinks and possibly a ride out in the car somewhere or a walk out of the house.

7)       Have you always worked in the care industry? If not, what were you doing before?

I have worked in the care industry as carer of young children after leaving school and did this for 7 years before going travelling. I then went into hospitality briefly before coming to Bluebird Care.


8)      Were you nervous about entering the care industry – it can be quite an intimate job…?

I was nervous to start with but I enjoy jobs where I have to be practical and once I got into it I loved it. My mum is a carer too and when I was younger I used to help her out in the summer holidays - so I had those memories and experiences to draw on.


9)      What are the rewards of the job?

There are lots of rewards of the job. Seeing our customers happy and still being able to stay in their homes as they wish. Hearing about each individual life and story’s and things they have accomplished over the years. As a member of staff at Bluebird Care we also get signed up ‘Perkbox’ – which gives us little treats which is brilliant.


10)   You were recently awarded Bluebird Care’s Care Worker of the Year. Can you clarify the award’s title, and what do you think helped you to win it?

I got Care Worker of the Year for the Exmouth Care Hub I was surprised I got it but after receiving the award and speaking to the office staff they said that I have worked really hard over the year. I pick up on shifts, I report back to the office consistently and try and put in the extra mile to help everyone. 


11)   Have you experienced any difficult moments while being a care worker? If so, what were they?

Some days can be difficult – you’re dealing with people’s emotions and feelings - but you have to do your best to work around the situation and make sure you are providing the best care, no matter what.


12)  Would you recommend other people should consider entering the care profession? If so, why?

Yes I would recommend it to some people as it is a difficult but very enjoyable job.


13)   Is there anything you would like to add?

I feel I’ve chosen a hugely rewarding career working in care and I believe I’ve chosen the best local employer. They are always winning awards – but more than that, they care for their staff and I feel lucky to be part of my team based in Exmouth.