Discovery and Wellbeing with Shiatsu Sylvie

Published: 25/09/2017

This September, Shiatsu Sylvie joined us at our Wellbeing get-together, to work her massage magic with our lovely customers.

All the team here at Bluebird Care Exmouth are dedicated to encouraging, enabling and empowering our Devon community to age happily and healthily.

Our Wellbeing Programme was designed to support this ambition - helping combat social isolation, and keep our customers connected with their communities as well as with the things they love doing.

​Through our monthly get-togethers, we are building a community of friends, and helping our customers try out new things and get back into their hobbies- whether that's photography along the waterfront or tickling the piano ivories.

This month, we met at the Devoncourt Hotel in Exmouth - where we were joined by Devon Bluebird Shiatsu Sylvie.

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​Sylvie is a licensed practioner of Shiatsu massage and trained at the Japanese School of Shiatsu in Barcelona.

Shiatsu is a traditional form of Japanese massage in which comfortable, light pressure and manipulative techniques are applied to pressure points around the body. This can help support and strengthen physical wellbeing by -
loosening muscles and joints to ease pains and increase mobility, and improving mood by alleviating stress and tension.

​Our Exmouth customers loved their session with Shiatsu Sylvie and enjoyed experiencing a bit of her massage magic. Our Wellbeing session gave them the chance to try out something completely new and learn all about this eastern tradition. At Bluebird Care, we are always working to find new and innovative ways to help our customers stay curious, vibrant and energetic. We believe that life is a journey of discovery and we never want to stop learning about the world and ourselves, regardless of our age.

If you or your loved one is interested in joining us at our next Wellbeing session, please get in touch with our Exmouth care team on 01395 570 003 or send us an email

We hope to see you there.


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