Care Co-ordinator Teri Saves Customer's Life

Published: 26/01/2021

Care Co-ordinator Teri, recently saved a customer’s life while out and about on her daily rounds.

Teri had turned up as usual to get the customer ready for bed when disaster struck. 

Teri said: “The customer was in a good mood and was pleased to see me.”

She continued: “I dispensed their medication into their medication pot that they always use and handed the medication over for them to take. I was just ticking off the medication tasks on the PASS when I heard a strange noise. 

“I looked up and the customer was grabbing at her throat, and I realised she was unable to breathe and was choking. The look of fear in her eyes will never leave me.”

Teri was terrified when she realised what was happening but knew that she had to act quickly in order to save the customer’s life. 

“Her lips began to turn blue and the colour drained from her face; it was clear that a tablet was lodged in her throat and she could not breathe. The customer threw herself out of her chair and into her wheelchair which gave me access to her back, where I then began to perform first aid in the form of back slaps, leaning her forward and placing one hand on her chest while I used the other to deliver back blows.”

“As I delivered harder and more frequent blows the customer began to cough, followed by vomiting and the release of the lodged tablet.” 

Using basic first aid techniques, Teri was able to save the customer’s life and help her to clear the lodged tablet. 

“I knew I had no option but to save her; an ambulance wouldn't have made it in time and CPR was no good with a blocked airway. It all happened so quickly.”
Teri explained that after the customer began breathing again, they both felt extremely relieved. 
“The relief we felt was immense. I was shaking from a mixture of fear, relief and adrenaline. The customer was so very grateful to me, and said she knows that if I hadn’t been there, she would no longer be here.”
The customer has now recovered and is doing very well. Terri continues to see her regularly.