Launch: Everything You Need to Know About Care (But Were Afraid To Ask)

Published: 22/05/2019

Bluebird Care East Devon, Exeter & Exmouth aims to provoke and encourage the people of Devon to talk about care with the launch of their campaign Everything You Need to Know About Care (But Were Afraid To Ask)

Despite the need for care and support as we get older being inevitable - it still remains a conversation that we’re either simply not having or leaving far too late.

Care is often panic-purchased at a time of crisis. Residential homes are seen as the only option. Getting older and needing support begins to feel all about loss. The loss of independence, dignity and choice.
How and what care is chosen is up to individuals – but these choices can’t be made until people better understand the often confusing and complex world of care.
At Bluebird Care Exeter, we want to start a new type of conversation about care. A care conversation that is positive, informative, open-minded, inclusive and above all, hopeful.
We launch our campaign on Silver Sunday (Sunday October 1st) – the International day dedicated to the older generation. 

Over the next four weeks we will be asking the people of Exeter about their views on ageing, their perception of what care means and the questions that up until now they have been reluctant to ask. Bluebird Care will hold a series of pop-ups in and around Exeter to ask the public to submit their questions using the #talkcare
The top 10 questions will be put to an expert care panel including William Flint, Bluebird Care and Martyn Rogers, Age UK, Cowick Street, who will join together round the table in November with others to answer the top 10 care questions. The films will be formally launched at an event in a central Exeter location later in November 2017.
Our ambition is to start a conversation about care. Conversations that help individuals think and talk about what they want as they get older - about what’s important to them or what they’re uncertain of.  A conversation amongst families, to help them openly and confidently talk about care with their parents and children and help them plan ahead. A conversation amongst the community, where neighbour’s wellbeing is considered.
Our campaign simply aims to get the conversation about care on the local agenda as well as kick-started round the kitchen tables of families in Devon.

Join the #TalkCare conversation online: