Our Director's June Newsletter

Published: 22/05/2019

This June, we decided to start shouting about the power and possibilities of care at home.



We believe that, in general, people don’t easily talk about what to do and how to care for each other when we get older – or frankly, leave the conversation far too late.
Age and all the implications, unknowns as well as the certainty it brings, can mean it is a subject people find difficult to talk about or to raise with their parents. A conversation all too easily avoided. The result we see is often people panic-purchasing care – reacting to the short-term without thinking through or knowing the depth and breadth of what is available. The variety, the options and the quality of services locally here in Exeter and the county itself.


Care can be flexible, bespoke. It can be as general or as specialist as you need. Temporary, permanent. Daily, at weekends or continuous. Care should be trusted. Care can be about leading a fulfilled and enjoyable later life – full of wellbeing. Simply, care can mean care in your home – how you want it.
However, despite all of this, the world of care is often seen and experienced as complex and confusing.
Our team at Bluebird Care in East Devon, Exeter and Exmouth is on a mission to change this. This Summer, we will be launching a campaign aimed to help demystify home care – and most importantly, get people talking care.


Our campaign is designed to shine a light on what home care is. To help people understand the choices – and provoke people into talking about care within their families. To start planning for care.
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Let’s talk care. You Tube vlogs

We will also be sharing a series of vlogs we are producing. All will be designed to help guide and signpost and clearly explain home care. In the vlogs we cover subjects like; What is Home Care exactly? How do you recruit the right care staff? How do I choose the best care provider for me and my family? How do you Care for dementia?

Keep a close eye on our social media pages, where we will be launching the vlogs and sharing them as they are released.