What Does Being a Live-In Carer Mean to Me?

Published: 06/03/2021

When we asked our Bluebird Care Live-in carers - ‘what does a live-in carer mean to you’ here’s what they said!

Our live-in care service offers the reassurance of 24 hour care and support in the comfort of your own home. We are proud of our Live-in Care team, they are all friendly and professional, it’s more than just a job to them, so here’s what they said when we asked them….

  • Carey - To me 'carer" means someone who strives to promote smiles, independence and well-being with a customer.


  • Kofo - to me a carer is someone that looks out for the wellness and wellbeing of an individual with compassion at all times

  • SiboFor me being a 'Carer' means having Compassion beyond measure....also Passion is key!!

  • MargaretCarer is a lamp that shades light wherever it is placed.

  • Gertrude - I am looking at caring as an art of making someone continue to be as comfortable as possible yet continue to have privacy, independency, and maintain their dignity within their environment As a carer it is my job to make it possible That’s how I see myself 


  • Shameemcarer to me is bringing something positive to their lives and make them feel they are not alone. 

  • Gabby - For me, being a carer is not just a job nor just a source of income. It allows me to make the most of the day and challenge myself at this stage of my life, but most of all it gives daily joy and satisfaction

Please note these pictures was taken before we went into 'Covid' lockdown, but the quotes from our Live-In Carers are NEW!


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