Supporting Our Customers With Dementia

Published: 22/05/2019

At Bluebird Care Essex West, we understand dementia can be challenging for the person effected and their support network. By working closely with all involved, we assist our customer to maintain their independence for as long as possible.

At Bluebird Care Essex West we adopt a holistic approach to providing Dementia services : Continually improving the knowledge and skills within our organisation, working closely with healthcare professionals and experts in the field and working with the local community to improve facilities for people effected by dementia across the borough. 

At Bluebird Care we pride ourselves in being different, we consistently go beyond what is required of us as a home care provider. We ensure all our care assistants are fully trained in dementia awareness and sensitivity training as part of they induction. After this mandatory training has been completed we encourage our care assistants to further study to national standards - by completing their QCF qualification. Further to this we hold regular workshops where customers are given the opportunity to speak about how their condition affects them and how their life can be better improved, for customers who are unable or do not wish to speak up, we ask the customers regular care assistant to suggest how we can better personalise our quality care services to improve their quality of life. 

At Bluebird Care Essex West we believe all of our customers, including those with dementia could incorporate ‘self care strategies’ into their daily routine to better their quality of life. One suggestion made to by our care supervisor is to incorporate games/ puzzles into our customers whom suffer with dementia’s day. We believe that by playing brain stimulating games, our customer will be more alert to their surroundings, increasing not only the customers satisfaction but their relatives too. Please click here for a great website that we suggest to our own customers, here you can find great brain stimulating games for individuals suffering with Dementia and Alzheimer's. Our customers and their family recommend the “Track Maze” Puzzle!

At Bluebird Care Essex West we are always keen to evolve and adapt as peoples conditions change. Therefore it is important we are flexible and responsive. We are always willing to try new approaches to enhance and improve the care that we provide. If you have any personal suggestions on how we can tailor our services to meet your family members specific needs, please get in contact with a friendly member of our team