Recognition To Our Outstanding Care Team

Published: 22/05/2019

At Bluebird Care Essex West we believe the provision of an excellent Home Care and Live In Care service starts with our care staff.  Too often Care Assistants are badly treated, work in poor conditions, lack training and support, as well as suffer poor pay.  At Bluebird Care we feel care assistants are our greatest asset, and for that they should be treated with the same dignity and respect shown to our customers.  Below is a statement of recognition written by our directors, Tracey and Kevin McCormack. By embarking on a career with Bluebird Care, you too can expect a similar level of recognition. 

When we started Bluebird Care Essex West we knew from the begining that we were operating in an industry which is often portrayed in a negative light. Much of the mainstream press and media broadcast stories which show Care assistants being treated badly; Poor work conditions, hours, lack of training and support, as well as poor pay. Care assistants are too often undervalued and poorly rewarded for the most valuable work that they do.

Therefore when building the foundations for the Bluebird Care Essex West team we had a key strategic goal  "To only recruit valuable individuals who like us want to be in the industry because they have a real passion for care".
To achieve our strategic goal we ensure all those we recruit adhere to our vision;
That being a care assistant is not "just a job" for our staff we ensure it is a vocation.  Training is not just "compulsory paperwork" for our care team it is time to sit and chat with the recruitment supervisor, whilst learning more about their job role. Rota's are not just "the customers they go to" for our staff it is the people they visit to show love, care and compassion. 
We work so hard to ensure we do not lose sight of what makes us the fantastic company we are, our passion is caring for people both our customers and our staff. Because of this we only attract the best and only choose the best people, who share our vision, values and passion to care to join our team. We support all individuals who work as part of our team to achieve true self actualization.